Hi, I'm Sophie and I like to craft. 

I spend a lot of time crocheting octopi and other things, and making small notebooks, but I also dabble with jewelry making, needle felting, clay, paints and other things. 

There are so many craft blogs out there, and I wanted to create one a little different to what you might be used to. When I go to craft blogs there are a few features I absolutely hate, and I bet you do too. Which features? Ads and affiliate links. They make sites ugly and a pain to navigate. Is this the link to the pattern I want to access, or a carefully hidden affiliate link that's going to pop up a site I don't want to visit? 

You won't find those things here. I won't lie - I'd love to make money from my craft and my blog but I will go about it the old fashioned way. I'll be sharing updates of things I've been making and things I want to make, and in time I will add my own store to the site. There will be links to other creators or their stores, but that will be because I like what they're doing, not because I'm getting a kickback to link to them. 

I hope you enjoy the site and feel inspired to make some things.