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Paper Crafts

I first made my own notebooks over five years ago, using the coptic stich guides posted by Sea Lemon on Youtube. As it turns out, I'm not very good at making the book board covers without them looking like someone had an accident with the glue pot, so I later moved onto simple stapled notebooks.

The stapled notebooks are much quicker to make, but still cute as hell and allow me to play with my big paper cutter and saddle stapler. (And pretty papers, and corner cutters)! My first, shortly abandoned, foray into craft blogging and selling was a site for the little books I made. I continued to love them, and want to sell them, but quickly realised I didn't want to concentrate on one craft alone. All the 'experts' tell you to concentrate on one niche when starting these things, and I see the sense in that, but it's just not for me. Life is too short for just one craft, and life is too short to dedicate a site, store and social media feeds to each individual craft.

I hope to share more of my books over the next few weeks.

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