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Insert Witty Octopi Joke Here

I've just had the week off work. We're still in lockdown in the UK so this has involved entertaining myself in the house (and there may have been a sneaky trip to the garden centre). Instead of doing anything remotely useful, I've spent a good couple of days crocheting octopi.

Amigurumi octopi are quick, fun, and infinitely customisable. You can make them in all sorts of different shapes and colours, with an endless choice of tentacle style. These ones are a little different for me because, rather than following someone else's pattern, I've been creating my own. I now have four solid octopi patterns of my own making, and two that still need a little work. They currently exist in some form of scribbled text only I can read, so they need some work before I share them with the world but it's a solid start.

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